Art Workshops & CSR Activities

Activities since 2012

Inspired by the famous quote 'Learn and Let Learn'. I am always fascinated to teach others, what I have learned. I strongly believe that my teaching attitude is helping me to realize what I don't know. Also it is helping me to keep my appetite towards learning.

I recognized many of my fellow colleagues as art enthusiast. It helped me to initiate a series of art workshops in Cognizant Interactive (Design division of Cognizant Technologies). I had a chance to conduct Clay Modeling workshop and Junk Art workshop.

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My workshop journey is keep continuing. A set of art enthusiast joined together and formed a community called Art Artisan & Artistry, a facebook community where frequent workshops and outdoor sketching sessions will be conducted. This helped the group drastically improve the sketching ability.

Over the period of time the group started to gain its popularity among Cognizant and we started to receive request for wall painting in Government schools as a part of Cognizant's Corporate Social Responsibility.

The momentum lead me in a direction to connect with many other outdoor sketching groups in Chennai and many others artist.

“Learn & Let Learn. Teaching will help us to know what we don't know.”

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Coffee Mug

The intent of this specially designed coffee mug is to engage both hands of the user by holding the mug and not