NutriMax User Experience Journey

About NutriMax

NutriMax is an Organic Agro Manure and Fertilizer manufacture, based out of Salem, Tamil Nadu. For more than 5 years, they were providing excellent product ranges of vermicompost mix for soil, organic water soluble liquid pesticides and insecticide, Nutritious seeds, etc. in whole sale.

Now they extending their footprints in retail as well along with their new product ranges in Edible cold press oil. Along with retail also they offer services as terrace gardening, Organic workshops in apartments and organic farming awareness program among school. As a part of their promotion and campaign, they promote their product ranges through stalls in organic trade fairs in and around Bangalore. They have their own retail outlet in ACS Layout (Near Whitefield), Bangalore.


As a User Experience analyst, I am focusing on NutriMax’s data need from its customers, to improve their user experience and to increase in product ranges through various research techniques as follows

Retail stall promotion in Organic Millet Trade Fair 2017:

  • Short questioners focusing on expectations and interests among organic product consumers and horticulture hobbyist
  • Informal personal interviews with organic gardeners and horticulture hobbyist focusing on their garden needs, expectations and existing problems
  • Understanding on their limitations and capabilities in their gardening process

Customer Survey in retail outlet:

  • Questioner focusing on regular customers to understand product quality, satisfaction on outlet services, shopping preferences
  • Demographic information to conduct organic workshops

Web Experience Improvement:

  • Heuristic evaluation on NutriMax website for Desktop and Mobile version
  • As a temporary work around with existing website to increase the hit rate
  • Understanding competitor’s web strategy and online preferences
  • Designing best e-commerce site with optimal number of clicks