Street Romeo

Photo documentary since 2015

My ongoing photo documentary on stray dogs, which tell story about how it shares its environment with mankind. I started this project since 2015. Being an animal lover, I was always fascinated to click animals rather humans☺. This documentary triggered me to travel to various parts of India to understand how stray dogs treated in the society. As I was following stray dogs for quite a long time, eventually they have become my inspiration. I am being admired by its attitude ‘survival of the fittest’.

I always embrace conversation with people like Dog Lovers, who are scared of dogs, who runs their small scale business on roads and streets, night travelers and the list goes on… to understand how they look/treat stray dogs. Also, I connect with many documentary photographers in person and via social networks to get their perspectives on my photo story. I strongly believe that, these connect are really improving my perspectives on stray dogs.

The below clicks are a sneak preview of my documentary collection. I appreciate, if you could drop me your views on stray dogs or any constructive feedbacks.

I have equal right to live in this earth as like you


Its mine and I fight for it

I am the owner of my home and I happy for it


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I know how thursty it will be in hot summar

What are you looking for?


What do I get for lunch?

“Every living being in our ecosystem is evolved and survive for a reason. Let us respect that and share our environment.”

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Coffee Mug

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