NutriMax Customer Experience Engagement

Project since Mar 2017

Who is NutriMax?

NutriMax is an Organic Agro Manure and Fertilizer manufacturer, based out of Salem, Tamil Nadu. For more than 5 years, they are providing best organic manures, strengthened seeds, organic pesticides, etc. With successful wholesale market, they have extended their footprints in retail, with a new mix of products such as organic edible products, gardening tools and terrace gardening set-up and service. Recently they have launched a retail showroom in Bangalore showcasing their organic products cold press edible oil, Jaggery Powder, Palm Jaggery, vermicompost, coir based potting mix and more.

Scope of this Engagement:

The primary scope of CX Engagement is to improve the whole customer experience of NutriMax. The ask from the business is to analyze the customer touchpoints to identify opportunities for improvements and to design best solutions that addresses the customer and business needs. Along with this, to set up a mature UX practice that helps the business to build trust and emotional connect with the NutriMax Brand.

My Approach:

I am using Design Thinking framework as my approach. I am engaging with my stakeholders and NutriMax customers, to discover the business problems, customer needs, analyze and co-create the best feasible solutions that add value to both business and customers.

Business Goals:

Quick win accomplishments:

Web Experience Improvement: Enhance the existing web portal to showcase the product range and upcoming promotional events. The below refined version is based on an UX expert review.

Recommendation: To set up analytics infrastructure to track and measure the impact of the redesign and to collect data for upcoming iterations.

In-store and promotional stall experience improvements:

The below recommendations were based on the observation in NutriMax retail outlet and promotional stalls in organic trade fairs.


  1. Most of the first-time visitors are stepping in to the store with a presumption, that retail outlet is an organic vegetable store. They are not interested in checking the organic manures and fertilizers.
  2. Manual billing and coir block packing processes are consuming more time in promotional stalls, which leads to slower checkouts. This leads to crowded stall and hinders the new customers to come in to the promotional stall.


  1. Introduced a mini aisle (1w x 3 h) in the retail store, that showcases edible products (cold press oil, Jaggery powder, Palm Jaggery and Honey) with better visibility for the customers coming in to the retail outlet. This gave a significant increase in conversion with first time visitors, who coming with the presumption of organic vegetables shop.
  2. Designed a paper bag for coir block, which can easily hold 5kg coir block and it significantly reduced the packing time from 2 mins to ~20 seconds, which proportionally reduces the checkout times. (Lesson Learned: Prepacked coir blocks were not preferred by the users. They wanted to check the quality of coir block before their purchase.)
  3. Recommended thermal printers for billing in promotional stalls, which will significantly reduce the checkout time.

Approach for building ecommerce portal:

Phase 1 — Discover:

  1. A primary research (qualitative and quantitative) intended to identify the needs and behavior of NutriMax customers, was conducted in retail outlet and promotional stalls. A face to face individual interview was conducted with 20 customers, focusing on frequent problems in the garden, preference over organic fertilizers & manures, impact of chemical fertilizers, preference on other organic brands, preferred edible products and more.
  2. Identified customer segment: With the help of business, 3 key customer segments were identified (Organic product consumers, Terrace garden enthusiasts and Farmers).
  3. A competitor study was conducted to understand the USP-unique selling point features in similar organic brand retails outlets, promotional stalls and ecommerce sites.

Phase 2 — Analysis:

Identified customer preferences:

  1. Customers are preferring to get services to set-up their terrace gardens along with scheduled maintenance
  2. Knowledge support for their problems in garden
  3. More preference on edible products and gardening tools than organic manures and pesticides
  4. More preference on online shopping with door delivery
  5. Prefer to access the NutriMax website through mobile

Identified Customer Segment:

  1. Most of the organic edible product consumers were housewives between age group 35-55
  2. Most of the terrace gardeners were people working in IT industry between age group 25-40

Phase 3 — Define:

The below features were streamlined from the initial researches, through a series of healthy brainstorming with business.

  1. Order online and delivery it to customer's doorsteps
  2. Virtual and in-person knowledge support
  3. Build brand credibility and awareness
  4. Knowledge bites on terrace gardening for customers, to keep them engaging

Further I identified 2 personas that NutriMax need to consider in their business journey.

  1. Terrace Gardner
  2. Organic Lovers

Terrace Gardner



'I am looking for organic brand which delivers quality bio manures and fertilizers to my doorsteps.'
  • Abhishek is a Nature lover, who prefers organic products. He cultivates organic vegetables in his greenhouse. He spends at-least 1 hour in a day to maintain his plants. He is curious in learning organic cultivation. He attends any organic farming or terrace gardening workshops that is being hosted in Bangalore. His future aspiration to do organic farming in his own land.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: IT Professional
  • Status: Single
  • Archetype: Nature Lover
  • My goal is to get more vegetables from by greenhouse.
  • To say away from vegetables that are grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and manures.
  • - Brands which fakes adulterated organic fertilizers with chemical fertilizers
  • - Poor quality of organic pesticides which has no effect on white bugs in his garden
  • - Watering plant consumes major time in garden maintenance

Organic Lovers



'I prefer quality organic edible products for my family.'
  • Malathi is a responsible homemaker, who is very keen on well-being of her family. In a day she spends around 5 hours in kitchen. She ensures buying organic products for family. Learning new recipes in her leisure time is her hobby. She subscribes YouTube channels related to cooking and health tips.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 42
  • Occupation: Homemaker
  • Status: Married
  • Archetype: Health conscious
  • To easily order products through online
  • To live a healthy life by consuming organic products
  • Navigating products in NutriMax website is a pain
  • No online ordering facility

Phase 4 — Design:

Business requirement for E-commerce portal:

  1. A responsive web site to showcase the NutriMax product ranges and ability to make online purchase with door delivery options. The payment options will be extended to Net Banking and Debit/Credit card in upcoming iterations.
  2. Payment options are restricted to PayTM and COD-cash on delivery.
  3. Customer support forum through which NutriMax can answer customer queries.

Information Architecture:


Below listed are the key tasks that could be performed by the user in Nutrimax website.

  1. Browse products, garden services and events
  2. Buy the desired product
  3. Add desired products to cart and continue browsing
  4. Add/Edit delivery address
  5. Select payment type
  6. Checkout cart
  7. Check order status
  8. Bulk orders
  9. Submit query/doubts on terrace garden
  10. View upcoming events

The following responsive e-commerce portal were designed to address the business requirements.




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