Nutrimax User Experience Engagement

Project since Mar 2017

The DESIGN BRIEF and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of NutriMax Customer Experience journey are listed below.

Who is NutriMax?

NutriMax is an Organic Agro Manure and Fertilizer manufacture, based out of Salem, Tamil Nadu. For more than 5 years, they were providing excellent product ranges of vermicompost mix for soil, organic water-soluble liquid pesticides and insecticide, Nutritious seeds, etc. in whole sale. Now they launched a retail unit in Bangalore with new product ranges such as cold press edible oil, Jaggery Powder, Palm Jaggery, etc. and terrace gardening services.

Scope of the CX Engagement based on stakeholder's priority:

The Engagement is about creating a better customer experience for NutriMax.

  1. As a quick win the stakeholders wish to enhance their existing web portal to showcase their product ranges and upcoming promotional events
  2. Designing and supporting to deliver a ecommerce portal that give better conversion
  3. Key metrics and methods to measure the success of the online business
  4. To collect feedback from the reputed customers and home gardening enthusiasts on existing NutriMax service and showroom experience
  5. Analysis on potential competitors to understand the market trend and expectation

Target Audiance:

  1. Organic edible product consumers
  2. Terrace gardeners
  3. Farmers

Goal and Success Measurement criteria:

NutriMax goal is to enter ecommerce market in Bangalore by mid of 2018 and to increase online conversion. The success measurement criteria would be 30% increase in online conversion over average in-store conversion/week.

Approach and Approval process:

My design approach is to create MVP Minimal Viable Product for an organic growth. I will have regular fortnight connects with stakeholders to get the inputs and buy-in.


As a UX Specialist, I am constantly applying my Design Thinking capability in possible ways to improve NutriMax's customer experience.

1. Upcoming ecommerce website prototype:

The new design is based on the expert review on missing elements in existing website, Competitor analysis and Heuristics standards. Currently the business would like to like to limit with PayTM and Cash on Delivery as their payment options.

Low fidelity/high level prototype for business feedback


2. User Research in Organic Millet Trade Fair 2017:

The aim of this user research is to target Organic product consumers and terrace gardening hobbyist to understand their expectations on 'one stop shops for gardening needs'. I conducted One on one interview with 30 participants and short questioner as a survey. Findings from the interviews are listed below

3. Customer Survey in retail outlet:

The aim of this user research is to target regular customers to understand their preferred organic products for online purchase, satisfaction on NutriMax's product quality and usability on retail outlet infrastructure. The approach is to request the customers for a short survey.


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