NutriMax Customer Experience Engagement

Project since Mar 2017

The scope of CX Engagement is to improve NutriMax business processes, to design an Omni-Channel experience and to improve whole customer experience (In-store & Digital).

Primary focus area?

My primary focus is to understand existing business model and customer touch points through research and that helps me to discover more business opportunities and area of improvements in customer experience. Also, I am helping NM with better solutions (both digital and service) for the right problems.

I am fostering design thinking as my model and engaging my stakeholder to co-create the intended solutions. My recommendation for them is to go with an iterative approach to evolve along with the Bangalore Organic product market trend.

Who is NutriMax?

NutriMax is an Organic Agro Manure and Fertilizer manufacture, based out of Salem, Tamil Nadu. For more than 5 years, they were providing excellent product ranges of vermicompost mix for soil, organic water-soluble liquid pesticides and insecticide, Nutritious seeds, etc. in whole sale. Now they launched a retail unit in Bangalore with new product ranges such as cold press edible oil, Jaggery Powder, Palm Jaggery, etc. and terrace gardening services.

Business Goals:

  1. To be a successful leader in organic terrace gardening in Bangalore
  2. To build a successful ecommerce portal for NutriMax which give higher conversion than physical shopping in outlet
  3. To improve In-Store experience which brings in new customer and increases conversion
  4. To innovate campaign methods to promote NutriMax brand and to inculcate the importance and benefits of organic terrace gardening in schools and apartments in Bangalore

My Approach to accomplish the business goals:

  1. To walk along with business in all their touch points to empathize them, to understand the value behind their goals and where they are to their targeted goal
  2. To identify quick win opportunities to realize the benefits without re-inventing the business wheel
  3. To help business to define long term aspirations through which they can achieve their goals
  4. To define success metrics for quick wins and aspirations and help the business to understand them

Quick win accomplishments:

Web Experience Improvement: Enhance the existing web portal to showcase the product range and upcoming promotional events. The refined version is based on the UX expert review.

In-store experience improvements: Study the retail outlet and organic trade fair stall experience and suggested the following improvements.

Study in NutriMax retail outlet in Bangalore to understand how the first time visitors are perceiving the brand. The retail out consists of three sections namely 'Organic Manures and Pesticides', 'gardening tools' and 'Edible Products' and the shop is in basement.

Key Outcomes: The majority of the first time visitors are stepping in with the presumption of organic vegetable shop when the read the name 'NutriMax Organic Lounge' in the name board or holding, which didn't turn in to conversion since, vegetables are not in the scope of NM product range.

Solution: I suggested to introduce a mini aisle (1w x 3 h) which showcases edible product range (cold press oil, Jaggery powder, Palm Jaggery, Honey). This had a significant impact in conversion with first time visitors.

Study in NutriMax stalls in 'organic farming trade fairs' by asking the customers about their purchase experience and improvement areas.

Key outcomes: To quickly checkout the customer we pre-packed the coir blocks. But in real time, the customers who purchase the coir blocks preferred to unwrap and check the coir block's quality before they buy. This significantly increased (close to 2 minutes) the checkout time and due to high congestion in stall this created a lot of inconvenience.

Solution: I designed a packing mechanism that helped the NM stall associate to pack the coir blocks within 30 seconds, which significantly reduced the checkout time and satisfied the customer.

Long Term Aspiration Accomplishment:

I started my primary research to align to the business goal. The below listed actions are the outcomes of them.

Competitor Study: Walked in to many agriculture trade fairs to find the potential competitors and customers who visiting their stalls. In addition to that, visited many other organic outlets to understand the physical shopping customer experience and observed types of customers and shopping behaviors. As a follow-up I did a secondary research with their ecommerce portals to analyze their product groups, services and promotions.

Identify the NutriMax User Segment: During the time of visiting the retail outlets and trade fairs, I conducted face to face interviews (qualitative research) with around 30 customers to understand their product preferences, help/support they seek for their garden, common problems in their garden, they preference in buying organic products, etc.

Key Outcomes: I realized there are two major categories of users Terrace Gardener's and House Wife's which NM need to target. The following persona were created and agreed by the business for further business process/experience improvements.

Terrace Gardner



'I am looking for organic brand which delivers quality bio manures and fertilizers to my doorsteps.'
  • Abhishek is a Nature lover, who prefers organic products. He cultivates organic vegetables in his greenhouse. He spends at-least 1 hour in a day to maintain his plants. He is curious in learning organic cultivation. He attends any organic farming or terrace gardening workshops that is being hosted in Bangalore. His future aspiration to do organic farming in his own land.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Marketing Professional
  • Status: Single
  • Residential Area: Banshankri
  • Archetype: Nature Lover
  • My goal is to get more vegetables from by greenhouse.
  • To say away from vegetables that are grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and manures.
  • Brands which fakes adulterated organic fertilizers with chemical fertilizers
  • Poor quality of organic pesticides which has no effect on white bugs in his garden
  • Watering plant consumes major time in garden maintenance

The second important outcome is to extend the Terrace Gardening Service. Customers are preferring to get services to set-up their terrace gardens and weekly/monthly maintenance.

E-commerce portal and Analytics implementation: Designed the below e-commerce portal (responsive website) to give an Omni-channel experience. The existing payment gateway is either PayTM or Cash on Delivery is a critical business constraint. It is agreed by the business to extend to internet banking and Card payments in future.

Set up analytics capability to track and measure the success of the new portal and to improve the portal in an iterative model.


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