Coffee with love

Fun Project May 2015

Coffee is one of the most popular hot drinks across globe and one third of the world's population drinks coffee says recent web talks.

Though we read many benefits of drinking coffee say, rich source of antioxidants, short-term memory boost, protection against cognitive decline, healthy for heart, curb certain cancers, guard against gout, curbs depression and more, there is emotional connection between coffee and human.

This coffee mug project is to mainly concentrate on the Emotional Connect and Satisfaction Level of having coffee.

Why this coffee mug?

The intent of this specially designed coffee mug is to engage both hands of the user by holding the mug and not letting to do any other activity while have coffee. The use should spend his time only for coffee.

Since mankind in this era is much addicted to smart phones, most of the social network flicks are done during this time. This mug is intended to make humankind to feel the abstracts around them rather immersing in to digital world.

Target Audience

Initial Scribbles


I scribbled a lot of patterns and finally decided hemisphere would be an appropriate one for my coffee mug.


Moving back to ancient time, people used their both the hands to accept things and to offer things. Still people use their both hand to drink 'Koozh' in pot and other potteries.

After listing many inspirations, I shortlisted Coconut Shell and Kylix (ancient vessel).

The volume of the coconut shell will be appropriate for the amount of coffee and the handle of the kylix will be appropriate handle hot substance. Also the height of the kylix is in a way sips easy.

Then I decided to develop a trial prototype to feel ergonamics feasibility.

Trial Prototype


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