Cancep Patient App

About this project

This real-time project is about designing easy system for Cancer Patients for fixing prior appointments for their follow-ups by which they could reduce their waiting time for consultation In OPD. The following facts, which I have collected, are based on my inference when I accompany my mom for here follow-up.

Since am looking forward for the hospital authority's permission, I did not reveal hospital's name.

Why this Project ?

In spite of better quality treatment there are few problems exists with the hospital's service. Among those problems 'Waiting Time' holds the major part, which pushes the patients to their extreme uncomfortable state and exhaustion. Sometimes the waiting time falls in a range between 4 to 5 hours, which bothers the patients to the core. Also from the attender's standpoint, it eats up the whole day by making them to sit idle.

The existing 1st come 1st serve method is much error-prone since the patients count is high and transferring the OP Book from entrance counter to the Administration cubical.

Hence I ideated a better system, which will reduce the waiting time consistently and helps the Doctors and management to provide a better service.

Problem Statment

  • The legacy consultation system results in long waiting time and exhaustion among the patients and their attenders

Facts that constitutes the problem

  1. Huge number of follow up patients
  2. Huge number of New patients
  3. Minimal number of Doctors
  4. Avg. Time consumption per patient is high
  5. Minimal number of Nurses
  6. Documenting Patient's history as hardcopy as well as and e copy
  7. To search patients history file
  8. To bring Patients file from one block to another
  9. Lighting system in the waiting room
  10. Congested seating arrangements
  11. Poor toilet facilities
  12. No proper place for patients to have their food

Causes of the problem

  1. Frustration Prevails throughout day
  2. Patients stay in hunger and become tired soon
  3. Doctors and Nurses are getting exhausted before forenoon

Possible Solutions for the problem

  1. Token System
  2. Increasing infrastructure
  3. Recruit more number of Doctors and Assistance
  4. Avoiding hardcopy documentation
  5. Introducing Pantry facility for patients
  6. Space Recreation/Entertainment/Reading Area
  7. Video promotions and wall hangings that increases the confidence of the patients
  8. Pleasent lighting mood in waiting room

Token System

The Token System will continue the same 1st come 1st serve method and a central server controls it. The token system could be accessible by both patients and Hospital Administration. Each department will have respective token systems.


Dept 1
Token System

Dept 2
Token System

Dept 3
Token System

Dept 4
Token System

Further the tokens could be subdivided in two groups (1) New Patient Group and (2) Old Patient Group by which the New Patients will follow Even Numbers and Old patients will follow Odd Numbers.

The Old Patients can get their tokens in 3 Modes (1) Token Vending Machine (2) Smart Phone App and (3) SMS through mobile. Apart from this the administration can generate token for next follow up for old patients.

The hospital authority generates the tokens for the new patients during the time of completing their admission process.

A digital token display in the waiting area will alert the patients with current and upcoming token status.

The administration can throttle token pool for Doctor’s consultation since the new patients will be prescribed to proceed with the series of lab test and other examinations, which need more time.


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