Cancep Patient App

About this project

My case study on Adyar Cancer Institute is focusing on the process followed by the hospital management for its patient. Through this case study I would like to achieve a better experience for current patients and cancer survivors. The aim is to increase patient self-service by developing a digital system, to achieve reduced hospital turnaround times and to skip waiting time in long ques. On the other hand, the system will help the hospital in terms of meeting the growing demand of patients. I spent almost 8 months in observing and analyzing the procedure and processes followed by the hospital management.


The simple and intelligent digital system has 3 touchpoints ‘Mobile’, ‘Desktop’ and ‘Self Service Kiosk’.


The key features of the system are listed below.

  1. Help the new patients with virtual assistant (Chat Bot)
  2. Suggest patient ‘to-do’ items based on their medical history
  3. Pre-book slots for laboratory tests
  4. Pre-book the room for chemotherapy
  5. Online payment for treatment/surgery
  6. Book cab through popular vendors for hospital visits
  7. Download patient report
  8. Insurance policies
  9. Donate money for Hospital/Trust
  10. Donate Blood
  11. Upcoming Events (Seminars, Association meetings, etc…)
  12. Hospital General Information
  13. Information on shuttle service between hospital campus
  14. Order food for chemo patient

Observation from field study:

The key features of the system are listed below.

  1. About the hospital and treatment procedure
  2. On an average 50 new patients are visiting the hospital every week
  3. The waiting time of a patient for periodic check is ~5 hours
  4. The patients/day for a doctor is ~80
  5. Critical surgeries/week is ~30
  6. Average number of person in billing counter queue is 20
  7. Number of departments?
  8. Number of facilities 2

Phases of a cancer victim:


Realtime feedback from patiens and attenders:


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